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Personal Injury Lawyer | Brad Jaynes feels safe.

A daily cyclist, Jaynes also works as a service manager at a West Ashley bike shop, where he’s surrounded by the tools and tips to make each ride even safer.

Even then, he said, there’s always a risk.

“One ride is not any safer than another.  You have to prepare for something that is inherently risky.”

Jaynes, also a member of the City of Charleston Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, has been working with City of Charleston leaders to increase safety for area cyclists and drivers.

Over a two week span, there were three separate auto-cyclist collisions in parts of Charleston County, two of which, were fatal.

Now, city and community leaders are looking to a new study to pinpoint areas with the most bike traffic before deciding what improvements need to be made.

On the website,, people can draw their normal bike routes through the city of Charleston and in surrounding areas.  The 30-day study also asks cyclists whether they feel safe.

Tim Keane, the planning director for the City of Charleston, said future improvements could range from new signage to more bike lanes.

City leaders hope to yield 1,000 responses over the next month, and have gathered nearly 400 so far.

“These roads are designed and are being improved to accommodate all users of the roads, not just automobiles, not just bicycles,” said Brad Jaynes.

“We all have a responsibility.”

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