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Personal Injury Lawyer | Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

The first step should always be to see a doctor; even if you are feeling okay. Getting immediate medical care is not just good for your health, but it adds weight to your personal injury claim: If you wait for weeks before seeking medical care, it will be extremely hard to prove that your injuries were the results of an accident.

Step 2: Keep All Records, Take Photos and Detailed Notes.

Keep detailed notes on your medical treatment and injuries to help you get adequate compensation. Write down the names and addresses of all of the following people that you visit;

Physical therapists
Any other professional you were referred to after the accident
Also, maintain receipts of any assistive devices such as crutches and drugs you were prescribed. File all types of correspondence you hold with your doctors during the course of treatment including e-mails, notes that you jot during or after phone conversations or during doctor’s appointments. Also keep a record of your travel expenses.

To add more weight and to help fight for your compensation, do the following;

Record details about the accident.
Take photos of the accident, for instance, if it’s a car accident, making sure to include photos of roads signs, traffic lights, etc.
Keep records of proof of financial losses, such as lost opportunities and lost wages
Keep a record of names and contact information of witnesses.
In addition;

Ensure you get addresses and names of any person that might have witnessed the accident, and contact them to confirm their contact details. If you speak to any of the persons that were involved in an accident, take notes about your conversation. Tell anyone that you intend to file a lawsuit against that you are planning to sue them.

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