Personal Injury Attorney | Safety Tips for Parents & Homeowners

Personal Injury Attorney |  Safety Tips for New Parents

  • Never leave a baby alone on elevated furniture including beds, tables, chairs, or cribs, unless you have secured guardrails
  • Place your baby on the floor or secured in a crib if you must leave them alone for a moment
  • When changing your baby, make sure the guardrails of the changing table are secured
  • If no changing table is available, place your baby on the floor to change them
  • Make sure all baby furniture meets current safety standards – always look out for recalls
  • Arrange furniture so you can see your child from all areas of the room
  • Lock or block access to dangerous areas of your home – steps, risers, etc.
  • Make sure your child has shoes with good tread
  • Don’t leave your child unattended on balconies or lifted decks
  • Keep children away from open windows or window screens

Slip and Fall Safety for Homeowners

  • Be sure you have adequate homeowners insurance
  • Keep your yard free from clutter and debris
  • Fill holes and depressions in your property
  • Fix concrete or brick areas
  • Keep sidewalks and walkways free from snow and ice
  • Make sure you have appropriate outdoor lighting
  • Install handrails on your stairs (inside and out)
  • Secure rugs and runners with non-slip pads
  • Hide cords and wires to prevent trips and falls

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