Personal Injury Attorney | Pet and Child Safety During Your Party

Personal Injury Attorney | Pet And Child Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve can present danger to pets and young children. Keep them safe and avoid common hazards during your party.

– Alcohol can be tempting to both pets and small children. Even if you are tired at the party’s end, make sure to put away any bottles of alcohol, or partially filled glasses. Even a small amount of alcohol can make a toddler or a pet sick.

– If you have a nervous dog or skittish cat, consider closing them in a back bedroom for the evening. Check on them periodically, talking in a soothing voice.

– Party food can be a source of danger or illness to both pets and small children. Dogs and cats can develop digestive trouble from sampling rich foods that are not part of their usual diet.

– Small foods such as grapes, round candies or bite-size meats are choking hazards for very young children.

– Keep an eye on decorations. Balloons are a choking hazard for both pets and children. Streamers, tinsel and confetti can cause choking or injury in a curious pet who decides to sample them.

– Fireworks and firecrackers are often set off on New Years Eve, and can be terrifying for pets. Dogs have sensitive ears, and may become panicked by the loud sounds. Keep your pets secured inside the house, or safely locked in the garage during your party.

– With guests coming and going, it is easy for a pet or small child to slip out the door unnoticed. Watch the door, and warn guests not to leave it ajar.

– Keep an eye on candles. These can be very enticing to a small child, and dangerous to cats or other curious pets.

– If you have birds, rabbits or pet rodents, move their cage to a quiet, secluded room during your party. Covering their cage with a cloth may help keep the animal stay calm and unstressed by the noise and bustle of the party.

– Though children may want to stay up and join in the fun, put your younger children to bed at a reasonable hour. Overly tired, cranky children are not having a good time, and are not fun to have at your party.

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