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Personal Injury Attorney |  General Safety Issues

– Not only is it illegal in most areas to shoot a gun into the air, it is also very dangerous. A falling bullet has more than enough velocity to penetrate a human’s skull. Keep guns safely locked away on New Year’s Eve.

– Fireworks are another safety hazard. They are illegal in many areas, and are a cause of fires and injury. Avoid fireworks and firecrackers, and don’t allow guests to set them off on your property.

– The cork from a bottle of champagne can erupt at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Always keep the bottle pointed away from your face when uncorking it, and keep guests clear of the path of trajectory.

– Make sure your front walkway and entrance are free of any potential tripping hazards, and you have a doormat for guests to dry their shoes when entering your home.

– If you use your fireplace during your party, keep the screen positioned to avoid sparks, and do not throw any paper trash or food scraps into the fire.

Follow simple, commonsense rules for a safe party, and your guests will have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, then go home to enjoy the next day healthy and sound.

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