Personal Injury Attorney | Materials to Collect

Personal Injury Attorney | What materials does a person need to collect to prepare for a personal injury lawsuit?

When you are preparing a personal injury lawsuit, there are several things that your personal injury attorney may ask you to bring to you appointments. Each of these items can be crucial to the success of your case.

Accident Report And Witness Information

The very first thing that personal injury attorneys require to prepare a case is the official reports concerning the accident that caused the injury. This includes police reports for events outside of a workplace or the accident report that is filed for a work related injury. Your personal injury attorney will also ask you to provide any information regarding witnesses and their contact information. In many cases, witness information is already included on the official report.

Medical Information

Personal injury attorneys will also require all medical information from the victim concerning treatment for the injury. This includes emergency room visit, hospital information, and any follow up medical care or therapy. Your personal injury attorney needs this information so that they can evaluate how serious the injury is, if you are be given the proper medical care, and what type of future care you may need to make a physical recovery.

Financial Information

Part of the compensation process is determining what types of financial losses you have incurred because of the accident. Your personal injury attorney will need to see information about your pay rate and how much time you have missed from work due to the accident and subsequent medical care. Additional financial paperwork may also be necessary, but this will be based on your case and any state laws that allow you to make additional claims for compensation.

Additional Information

Personal injury attorneys may also require additional information based on your case. This may include pictures of the injury and where the injury took place. Many personal injury attorneys will also ask you to keep a written journal of what you remember about the accident and what you have gone through since the event. This helps them establish solid facts on how the injury has impacted your personal life and health.

Any type of information that your attorney requests from you will be used to support your case. It is very important to provide this information to your personal injury attorney in a timely manner so that all legal deadlines can be made. It is important to remember that all information surrounding the accident and injury is relevant to your case and should be provided to your attorney.

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