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Personal Injury Attorney | Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

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Personal Injury Attorney | Safety For Kids on Halloween

Sometimes Halloween can present us with dangerous situations. As a personal injury attorney, Clekis wants you and your kids to be safe. Share these personal injury attorney tips with your kids so they stay safe while trick or treating in the neighborhood.

A big part of Halloween safety is simple courtesy and common sense. Counsel your kids to stick to the sidewalks – never cross someone’s lawn – and approach only those homes where the path is well-lit and it’s obvious those who live there are participating in the fun.

Some children are adorably shy at the door, while others are pushy and rude. Young ones, especially, can be confused by the behavior code. Let them know Halloween is just like any other day of the year; there’s never an excuse for being selfish or mean… and a smile coupled with a “Thank you” should be given for every treat received.

Surely they know already, but Halloween presents an excellent opportunity to revisit the basics of personal safety: never enter a home (even when invited), never get in a car (even when invited), if someone says “Your mother told me to ask you in,” don’t believe it and use No, Go, Yell, Tell to get away, and stick with the people in your group. Don’t get separated from them.

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As personal injury attorney professionals we strive to educate our clients on risks. Halloween is a fun and eventful holiday where you can choose who (or what) you want to be for a day! Our personal injury attorney in Charleston is ready to assist you should an accident happen during your Halloween festivities. Clekis Cares. Call to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury attorney today. Clekis Law Firm wishes you a happy and safe Halloween!