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Personal Injury Attorney | How do I know if my case big enough to get a lawyer involved? 

The short answer is: It doesn’t really matter. There are cases involving large settlements where the defendant is 100 percent at fault and all that must be done is “T” crossing and “I” dotting. Then there are cases involving modest sums of damages where everything is convoluted and would require the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney.

Before hiring a personal injury attorney, it would be a good idea to find out if you live in a no-fault state. Plaintiffs and defendants can be assigned a certain percentage of fault in any certain case, and the laws outline how such cases should be adjudicated. If your case falls under a no-fault law, then a lawyer’s advice would be superfluous. If not, a lawyer would be able to advise you on how to proceed.

Additionally, there are other situations where you might not need a lawyer. For example, if the insurance company has already offered a settlement that is equivalent to the maximum penalty allowed by law in a certain situation, then going to trial or hiring a lawyer would be moot.

If lots of people have been injured in the same way you were, then those people might all be filing suit together in what’s known as a class action. Laws governing such cases are complicated, so hiring a lawyer would be wise.

When you come right down to it, one simple rule applies: the more complicated your case, the more you need a lawyer’s advice and representation. Before going it alone, and possibly damaging your case beyond repair, it would behoove you to get the advice of a personal injury lawyer even if you wind up handling everything yourself thereafter. At Clekis Law, we provide every client with an initial consultation, so call now and schedule an appointment to protect your rights.

Since 1989, the personal injury attorneys of Clekis Law Firm have been representing injured people and their families in Charleston and throughout the Low Country. At the Clekis Law Firm our clients always come first. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligence of another, don’t be victimized twice. You need someone on your side to help you with your personal injury case and obtain the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve. Call Clekis at 843.779.1160!

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