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Personal Injury Attorney | Preparing Your Own Home for Halloween

Some people go for Halloween decorations in a big way, and others don’t. Most homes, though, will participate in giving out candy and enjoying the little faces at the door. Decorating for Halloween is exciting and fun to do as a family. Decorations can sometimes cause accidents. If you experience an accident on Halloween, call Clekis Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney.

In a way, though, if you live in a neighborhood, you can’t help but take part in Halloween. At the very least, there’s liable to be a whole lot of foot traffic going by your house. Some will come to the door whether you’ve left the porch light on or not. At a minimum, then, you should make sure all tripping hazards are removed or wrapped in reflective tape or otherwise highlighted.

Other safety tips are to use battery-powered pumpkin lights instead of wax candles, place pumpkins and other props on sturdy tables instead of setting them on the ground where little feet can get tangled, make sure all decorations are fire resistant and kept away from flames, make sure your porch and pathway lights are working and sufficiently bright, keep your pets away from the kids, and keep the candy bowl by the door.

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As personal injury attorney professionals we strive to educate our clients on risks. Halloween is a fun and eventful holiday where you can choose who (or what) you want to be for a day! Our personal injury attorney in Charleston is ready to assist you should an accident happen during your Halloween festivities. Clekis Cares. Call to schedule your free consultation with a personal injury attorney today. Clekis Law Firm wishes you a happy and safe Halloween!