Kia is recalling nearly 87,000 Forte sedans from the 2014 model year because of a potential fire risk. The recall is expected to begin on February 24.

The Problem: In certain 2014 Forte vehicles, the cooling system’s radiator fan resistor may overheat and melt, increasing the risk of a fire. The defect applies to Forte sedans equipped with both 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter inline-four engines. At least two fires were reported in early 2014 where the resistor was identified as the possible culprit, but no accidents or injuries have come to light. No additional incidents were logged between June and December 2014.

The Fix: Kia will notify owners affected by the recall, which is expected to begin February 24. At that time, dealers will replace the defective fan resistor and the multi-fuse unit in models built from December 5, 2012 to January 27, 2014. Models made between January 28, 2014 and April 17, 2014 will only receive a new multi-fuse unit. Kia says the remedy component is more heat resistant than the current parts. Also, models with the 1.8-liter engine will also receive an update to the engine control unit software.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: The recall involves 86,880 2014 Forte sedans in the U.S.

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