Injured on the job lawyer

Injured on the Job Lawyer | A Well-Designed Workplace Can Contribute to Safety

Injured on the Job Lawyer | Some jobs are inherently riskier than others, and that is a fact that employees need to accept when taking a position. However, it’s incumbent on the employer to actively take steps toward a safer workplace, including designing the space in such a way that accidents and injuries become less likely. If your employer has not taken this duty seriously, contact an injured on the job lawyer to discuss your options. 

Even Simple Steps Matter

Keeping employees safe sometimes comes down to nothing more than paying attention to basic details. For instance, trip hazards are a big cause of workplace injury, and they can often be moved out of the way without any loss of productivity. Making employees step over obstacles routinely while working is just asking for trouble. Those hurt in such an incident should work with an injured on the job lawyer to decide whether or not to file a claim. 

Ask Questions Proactively

If you feel like your current workplace is not designed with safety in mind, don’t be afraid to ask questions and raise concerns. Sure, it’s helpful to talk with an injured on the job lawyer after you are hurt, the better outcome would be to avoid an injury in the first place. When you notice that something about your workplace has the potential to cause an accident, speak up before it’s too late. You just may be able to prevent an accident which would have injured you or one of your co-workers. 

You should be able to stay safe at work, but sadly, that’s not always the way it goes in the real world. If you have been hurt on the job, contact Clekis Law today for a free consultation to consider your options. Our team would be proud to stand up for your rights!