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Beware of Bounce House Accidents

bounce house

A Bounce House accident in New Hampshire has left a two year old in critical condition and a three year old injured. A heavy wind lifted the house sending it airborne the Bounce House collapsed trapping the boys. The Bounce House, located at Sullivan Farm was inflated but had not been properly set up for play. The owner of the farm indicated the house was in a restricted area roped off with bales of hay in front of the entrance. Officials in the community are investigating the accident. Bounce Houses have become popular for backyard birthday parties, fund raisers, church events and carnivals. The increase in popularity has increased the number of Bounce House accidents. Bounce Houses not properly tethered down present the biggest risk of a serious accident. Secondly, Bounce Houses not properly supervised by an adult pose the risk of head injuries and broken bones. Halloween is the time of year Bounce Houses pop up everywhere. Parents take a good look before you let your child enter a Bounce House. Houses should be properly tethered down, supervised by an adult at all times, rules should be posted with weight limits including total weight limit for the unit, weight limit per jumper, maximum number of jumpers per unit and jumpers should be relatively close to the same size. Please be aware children have died in Bounce House Accidents.