Auto Accident Attorney | New Driver Safety Tips part 2

Auto Accident Attorney | This is a continuation of an earlier post New Driver Safety Tips part 1

6. discuss driving costs

If your child has to pay for some car-related expenses (gas, a portion of the monthly insurance premiums, oil changes, etc.), chances are he or she will take driving more seriously and be safer on the road. So make sure your child knows who will pay for what and, when possible, have your teen help out with the cost of car ownership — even if it’s just buying gas every once in a while.

7. set a zero-tolerance drinking policy

The statistics for underage drinking are sobering.

So though you might like to avoid the subject, turning a blind eye to teen alcohol use won’t make the problem disappear.

Instead, be honest and up-front about your expectations regarding drinking and driving. Establish a “none for the road” policy and then stick to it. By being firm and setting a good example, you’ll help steer your child down the safe-driving road.

8. keep a squeaky-clean driving record

Since every vehicular infraction tarnishes your record and raises your insurance premiums, practice safe driving to keep your record clean. If you’ve added your child to your policy, make sure he or she also follows safe-driving practices. Since speeding is the most common driving violation in the teenage population, make sure your child follows speed limits at all times. (Investing in a vehicle tracking device could be a good option if you’d like to monitor your child’s speed.)

By taking it slow and following the rules of the road, you and your child could remain accident-free and qualify for a Claim-Free discount.

9. encourage good grades

Aside from helping your young family member advance through life, good grades can also help you and your young driver save on car insurance. If your child is a full-time high school or college student and maintains a 3.0 (B) GPA or better, he or she could be eligible for a Good Student discount from Esurance. And if your son or daughter attends a Pac-12 school (and has his or her own car insurance policy), he or she could save with our Pac-12 discount.*

10. shop around

Whether you’re looking to add a young driver to your policy or buy a separate policy for your teen, shop around. Compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies to see which one offers the right policy at the right price.

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