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Whether you’re the parent of a teen with a new driver’s license or you’re simply trying to resist the urge to answer text messages while driving yourself, there are many ways you can help keep everyone safe. Educate yourself on the issue and check out some apps that block texting while driving.

Texting while driving facts

At any given moment in the US, an estimated 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or electronic devices while driving. This number might surprise you, given the fact that 44 states and the District of Columbia have outlawed texting while driving. Many have even made any use of hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel illegal.

Fortunately for concerned parents and drivers, there are a number of mobile apps that are specifically designed to disable cell phone and smartphone features while drivers are behind the wheel.

Apps that block texting while driving


Live2Txt is an Android™ app that allows you to block incoming texts and calls while driving. Turn the app “on” when you get behind the wheel, and you’ll silence your smartphone from incoming notifications, texts and calls. When you receive a message, the app will alert the sender with a customized message that you’re unable to respond at the moment. You also have the option to block incoming calls and texts, only texts or only calls. Live2Txt also comes in handy during other times you may need to minimize interruptions, such as during an important meeting, your next massage or your child’s school play.


Available on Android devices, DriveOFF alleviates distractions for drivers. Once you hit 10mph, the app displays a static screensaver and turns off all notifications on your phone, minimizing distractions for the driver. Use the default screensaver or customize it to one of your choice.


DriveScribe, available for Android and iOS, blocks phone calls, emails and text messages. It’ll automatically send a response to text messages, alerting your contacts that you’re unreachable at the moment. DriveScribe goes the extra mile—it tracks speed and driving behavior, offering tips for improvement. Plus, the safer you drive, the more rewards points you earn. The best part? These points are redeemable for gift cards at select retail stores.


Canary is a great option for concerned parents, as it offers instant feedback on your child’s behavior while behind the wheel. When you download the app (available for Android and iOS) to your child’s phone, it alerts you when your children are driving faster than 12mph or over the posted speed limit, traveling outside of predefined safe areas, and violating curfew.

No matter the reason you’re downloading an app to block texting while driving, it’s important to educate yourself and young drivers about driving safely. Learn more about distracted driving and safe practices on the road.