In Bad Omen for Mets Defendants, Judge Lifland Refuses to Dismiss Picard's $1 Billion Suit Against Family of Stanley Chais

A Manhattan federal bankruptcy court judge has refused to dismiss a $1 billion suit that Irving Picard filed against the family of the late Stanley Chais, who was one of Bernard Madoff's largest investors.

US soldier charged in civilian deaths accepts plea bargain: report

[JURIST] Specialist Jeremy Morlock has accepted a plea agreement offered by US Army [official website] prosecutors, according to a Washington Post report [text] Wednesday. Under the agreement, Morlock, charged [JURIST report] in June in the deaths of t...

Supreme Court hears Ashcroft immunity, Confrontation Clause cases

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF; merit briefs] Wednesday in two cases: one regarding the extent of immunity for a federal official and another regarding the Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause. In A...

Italy court orders release of former Guantanamo detainee

[JURIST] A Milan court on Monday ordered Italian authorities to release former Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] detainee Abdel Ben Mabrouk [NYT materials], finding that the eight years Mabrouk served at Guantanamo and the year he spent in an Italia...

California State Judge Finds 'Complete Failure of Proof'; Grants Drug Makers Summary Judgment in Long-Running Pricing Conspiracy Case

More than four years after a group of pharma giants filed summary judgment motions to thwart claims that they violated California antitrust laws, a judge has ruled against the plaintiffs, finding a "complete failure of proof."

Utah House passes Arizona-style immigration bill

[JURIST] The Utah House of Representatives [official website] on Friday approved an Arizona-style immigration law by a 58-15 majority vote. Sponsored by Representative Stephen Sandstrom (R) [official profile], the controversial bill [HB 70 text, PDF] h...

Allstate Sues Countrywide, Execs Over $700 Million in Investments

Allstate has sued Countrywide Financial over $700 million in toxic mortgage-backed securities that the insurer bought starting in 2005, only to see their value fall rapidly.

Sources: CHOP GC Fired for Alleged 'Embezzlement'

Details of a general counsel's firing by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have been slow to emerge -- but sources say he was fired for alleged embezzlement in "the seven figures."

Did the DOJ Pad the Stats on Financial Fraud Crackdown?

U.S. Attorney offices across the country have been touting results of the DOJ's "Operation Broken Trust." But they rely on cases filed well before the operation was launched.

SEC Settles Vitesse Stock Option Backdating Case

The SEC on Friday simultaneously filed and settled civil fraud charges against Vitesse Semiconductor and four former senior executives for inflating revenue and backdating stock options.

First Levaquin Test Case Results in Seven-Figure Award

In the first test case to go to trial over side effects from Levaquin, Johnson & Johnson's popular and powerful antibiotic, a federal jury has awarded more than $1.8 million to a Minnesota octogenarian who claims the drug caused his Achilles tendons to...

David J. Stern to close foreclosure practice

After losing his major clients and coming under investigation over defective court filings, embattled attorney David J. Stern is shutting down his foreclosure law practice.

Flex Time: Ninth Circuit Vacates Injunction in Advertising Keywords Case, Says Courts Must Be 'Flexible' in Weighing Internet Trademark Infringement

In a trademark case involving Internet advertising keywords, the 9th Circuit concluded there's no strict standard for determining infringement in the Internet age, so judges have to know it when they see it.

Guantanamo detainee asks Poland to probe alleged CIA secret prison

[JURIST] Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainee Abu Zubaydah on Thursday asked Polish prosecutors to investigate claims that he was abused in a secret CIA prison [JURIST news archives] in the country. Zubaydah, a top al Qaeda suspect, alleges that he was ...

9/11 Compensation Bill Caps Attorney Fees

Lawyers for those injured while responding to the Sept. 11 attacks could receive up to 10 percent of clients' compensation, but no more, under a plan to reopen the compensation system.

Chevron Seeking to Force Phila. Lawyer to Be Deposed

Chevron is seeking to depose attorney Joseph C. Kohn, claiming Kohn and his former Ecuadorean clients waived privilege when they allowed the makers of the documentary "Crude" to record legal strategy sessions.

Paul Allen Refiles Suit Against Internet Giants

Interval Licensing, a company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has filed an amended suit against Facebook, Google and nine others, claiming they infringed on patented technology.

Defendant sues trial witness over website posts

A doctor being sued over a boating accident in which a diver's legs were severed has filed a libel lawsuit against a witness and a website which he says are part of a "full-blown pursuit to destroy (his) reputation, livelihood and good name."

The 2010 NLJ 250

Leigh Jones, associate editor of , highlights some of the details from this year's survey results.

Court ruling may be big help for smoker plaintiffs

In a major victory for thousands of Floridians who are suing tobacco companies, the 1st DCA issued the first opinion upholding the use of jury findings from a disbanded class action against the industry since smokers were cleared to pursue individual l...

King & Spalding Adds 14 Litigators From Filice Brown

King & Spalding has doubled its San Francisco office with 14 litigators from Oakland, Calif.'s Filice Brown Eassa & McLeod. With its focus on energy, pharmaceuticals and toxic torts, the group fits King & Spalding's client mix and industry expertise, s...

California regulators approve incentives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

[JURIST] California's Air Resources Board [official website] on Thursday approved measures that will provide incentives to companies and factories that decrease their greenhouse gas emissions [JURIST news archive]. The provisions are envisaged under As...

Ciavarella Found Guilty in Corruption Case

Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. was found guilty Friday on 12 of 39 counts of corruption stemming from Pennsylvania's "kids for cash" scandal, one of the worst cases of judicial corruption in the state's history.

E-Mails Show Hunton & Williams, Subcontractors Clashed Over Money

The same e-mails that disclosed Hunton & Williams' partnership with three security companies that discussed covert operations to undermine labor activists also show that it was at times a rocky alliance.

Federal judge rules mentally disabled immigrants facing deportation have right to representation

[JURIST] A federal judge has ruled that US Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) [official website] officials must provide representation to two mentally disabled immigrants [JURIST news archive] who are challenging deportation proceedings. The rul...

Judicial Profile: William Elfving

The Santa Clara Superior Court judge discusses ways to promote settlement and avoid sanctions.

Paul Allen Refiles Suit Against Internet Giants

Interval Licensing, a company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has filed an amended suit against Facebook, Google and nine others, claiming they infringed on patented technology.

DOJ sticks to its guns on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

DOJ lawyers have moved to halt the fight over "don't ask, don't tell," citing Congress' vote for repeal while also asking a federal appeals court to reverse a judge who ruled that the military ban on open homosexuals was unconstitutional.

In high court patent fight, tech and auto companies lobbied White House to stay out of case

On the heels of a hastily scheduled December meeting in the White House situation room, the SG's office was conspicuously absent at high court oral argument in a closely watched patent case last week.

FBI involved in hundreds of legal violations over past decade: report

[JURIST] The FBI [official website] reported to a presidential oversight board that between 2001 and 2008 it committed approximately 800 violations of laws, executive orders, or other regulations governing intelligence investigations, according to a re...

Prosecutors ask judge to give prison time to Camp

Prosecutors are asking that former federal Judge Jack Camp be treated "like every other similarly-situated criminal offender" and given prison time for actions that "cast dark aspersions on the criminal justice system."

Federal appeals court upholds terrorism conviction of Florida doctor

[JURIST] A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website] on Friday voted 2-1 to uphold the conviction [opinion, PDF] of a Florida doctor who offered to treat injured al Qaeda [JURIST news archive] fighters so th...

Federal appeals court rules valid search warrant required for e-mail search

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] Tuesday that e-mail is entitled to Fourth Amendment [LII materials] protection. The 98-page opinion overturned the prison sentence of Steven Warshak, the fou...

Punitives Rest on Pharma Defendant's Place of Decision, Panel Rules

An appellate court has ruled that U.S. constitutional law does not preclude awarding punitive damages in a Pennsylvania court on behalf of an Arkansas plaintiff suing Wyeth pharmaceutical company.

Pentagon reduces sentence for al Qaeda Guantanamo detainee

[JURIST] The Pentagon announced Wednesday that a senior Department of Defense (DOD) [official website] official has reduced the sentence of Ibrahim al Qosi [DOD materials; JURIST news archive], the former al Qaeda cook and accountant who pleaded guilt...

Federal judge sentences JFK bomb plot conspirator to life in prison

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York [official website] on Thursday sentenced Russell Defreitas, a Guyanese airport cargo handler, to life in prison [FBI press release] for conspiring to commit terrorist attac...

Freedom House urges US and EU to renew sanctions against Belarus

[JURIST] The American rights group Freedom House [advocacy website] on Thursday urged [press release] the US and European Union (EU) [official website] to renew full sanctions against Belarus in the wake of post-election unrest. Freedom House commended...

CDO Asset Manager Sues 'Big Short' Author Michael Lewis; Says Famed Financial Journalist Falsely Portrayed Him as Incompetent and Irresponsible

Harding Advisory and its president have sued financial journalist Michael Lewis and his publisher for libel, claiming the best-seller "The Big Short" contains false and defamatory statements.

Supreme Court hears arguments on child-abuse investigations, public disclosures

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF; merit briefs] Tuesday in the consolidated cases of Camreta v. Greene [oral arguments transcript, PDF; JURIST report] and Alford v. Greene on whet...

Imelda Marcos, son hit with $353.6 million sanction

Imelda Marcos and her son have been ordered to pay $353.6 million for failing to adhere to a permanent injunction tied to a $4.5 billion judgment in the multidistrict litigation over alleged human rights violations stemming from her late husband's rule...

Trial Over Tax Shelters Begins for Ex-Jenkens Partners, Others

Prosecutors on Thursday laid out an extended scheme to manufacture paper losses for some 1,000 wealthy clients under the cover of opinion letters issued by Jenkens & Gilchrist and two former firm partners.

Virginia AG to ask Supreme Court for immediate review of health care ruling

[JURIST] Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II [official profile] announced [press release] Thursday that he will file a petition for certiorari before judgment with the US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive], asking the court ...

Bill Pushes Immunity for Reporting Suspected Terrorism

Legislation proposed Tuesday in Congress would grant civil immunity to people who report suspicions of terrorist activity to law enforcement, as well as to people in law enforcement who respond to the reports.

Former Dechert associate blames firm's macho culture in suit alleging retaliation for his FMLA leave

A former associate in Dechert's Boston office has sued the law firm, claiming it fired him because he used Family and Medical Leave Act time to care for his children and mentally ill wife. His complaint alleges "the culture for men at Dechert is a 'mac...

Internet Domain Name Theft Conviction May Be First in U.S.

A Union Township, N.J. man pleads guilty to stealing a web address and selling it on eBay to an innocent buyer: former professional basketball player Mark Madsen.

No Holder-in-Due-Course Immunity for Fannie Mae in Suit Over Stolen Loans

A New Jersey federal judge has given the go-ahead to a negligence suit alleging Fannie Mae received $42 million in stolen loans and failed to detect it.

US hate groups continuing to increase: report

[JURIST] The number of hate groups in the US rose to more than 1,000 [press release] during 2010, according to a report [text] released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) [advocacy website]. The SPLC reports this is the first time that...

BP-Paid Law Professor Vouches for Feinberg on Gulf Spill Work

A law professor being paid $950 an hour with BP's money has declared that the czar of the $20 billion claims fund for Gulf oil spill victims is independent of the oil giant.

Toyota stages second dress rehearsal on eve of court hearing

A federal judge issued tentative orders Wednesday mainly rejecting Toyota Motor Corp.'s motions to dismiss lawsuits alleging that defects in vehicles caused them to suddenly accelerate, resulting in injuries and death.

Constitutional attacks on patent false-marking law gain traction

Constitutional challenges to the statute that lets whistleblowers sue companies for falsely labeling their products as covered by patents are heating up at the Federal Circuit and at the district court level.

Obama orders resumption of Guantanamo military trials

[JURIST] US President Barack Obama [official website] on Monday issued an executive order [text; fact sheet] allowing military commissions for Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archives] detainees to resume. New charges in the military commission system have...

Patriot Act extension fails in House

[JURIST] The US House of Representatives [official website] on Tuesday defeated a bill [HR 514 text] to renew three provisions of the USA Patriot Act [text; JURIST news archive]. The vote was 277 to 148 [roll call], falling short of the two-thirds majority required for the "suspension of the rules" procedure. The provisions in question, set to expire on February 28, create the authority for roving surveillance, including wire-taps and cell phone monitoring; compel production of business records and "other...

Opening at Inside-Trading Trial Show Different Views of Data

At the opening of Galleon Group hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam's trial, defense attorney John M. Dowd said the inside tips Rajaratnam supposedly received were merely pieces of information in plain sight.

News In Brief

An ex-DLA Piper associate who claimed several DLA lawyers and a federal judge had a "Jewish" bias against her has been precluded from appearing in the Southern District of New York.

Ninth Circuit strikes down ban on military recruitment of minors

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [official website] on Friday upheld [opinion, PDF] a lower court's ruling invalidating the ban on the military recruitment of minors passed by two Northern California cities. In 2008, voters in Eur...

Picard's Unsealed $425 Million Complaint Against Citi Claims Bank Met with Madoff Whistleblower Markopolos Long Before Ponzi Scheme Came to Light

Madoff bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard's recently unsealed complaint against JPMorgan Chase alleges that a Citi banker received an e-mail warning about Bernard Madoff long before his fraud was exposed.

Trial Lawyers Sue Bankers, and Jurors Can't Pick a Winner

A federal judge declared a mistrial in a case pitting the American Association for Justice against Wachovia Bank when jurors couldn't manage to pick a side after six days of deliberations.

'Attorney on a Gurney': Misguided Stunt or No Stunt at All?

In November, according to media reports, former defense attorney Mark F. Morrison was wheeled into a Fayette County courtroom on a gurney wearing a surgical mask for his competency hearing.

E-Mail 'Oops' Ends With Law Firm Being Yanked Off Case

An e-mail program's auto-complete address feature recently sparked a chain of events that culminated in an eye-popping protective order booting counsel off a case in federal court.

Prop 64 Doesn't Bar Deceptive-Label Suit, Supremes Say

In 5-2 ruling, Justice Kathyn Mickle Werdegar says labels matter, and a misleading one can cause "loss of money or property."

Federal judge finds health care reform act unconstitutional

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida [official website] on Monday struck down [opinion, PDF] the health care reform law [HR 3590 text; JURIST news archive] as unconstitutional. The lawsuit was joined by 26 sta...

Circuit Vindicates McAfee Executive

In a rebuke to Northern District prosecutors, a Ninth Circuit panel ordered the acquittal of Prahbat Goyal in a securities fraud case.

Nutella manufacturer sued over nutrition claims

The maker of Nutella is the target of a consumer class action filed on Tuesday alleging the company falsely markets its hazelnut spread as healthy for children even though the product is loaded with saturated fat and processed sugar.

Banks to Picard: Billion-Dollar Madoff Fraud Suits Don't Belong in Bankruptcy Court

Claiming Irving Picard has overstepped his trustee role and is "trying to pursue an enormous backdoor class action," bank lawyers are pressing to have his damages claims removed to federal district court.

Advice for Success: Go Abroad, Young Lawyers

At a panel discussion on globalization, held as part of the Leadership Counsel on Legal Diversity's new Fellows Program, the panelists suggested that young lawyers consider going abroad to develop the skills and cultural knowledge necessary to thrive i...

Illinois abolishes death penalty

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday signed legislation abolishing capital punishment in the state and commuted the sentences of the 15 inmates still on death row to life in prison without parole.

Federal judge sentences JFK Airport bomb plotter to life in prison

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York [official website] on Wednesday sentenced former Guyana parliament member Abdul Kadir to life in prison [FBI press release] for plotting to blow up John F Kennedy Internati...

Justice Souter takes issue with lawyer for cell tower companies in 1st Circuit oral argument

A 1st Circuit oral argument in a dispute over a cell tower featured a spirited debate between retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter and the cell tower companies' lawyer.

Justices Wrestle With Who Is a Journalist in the Age of the Blog

New Jersey's Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether a blogger being sued for defamation over her Web postings can cloak herself in the state's Shield Law and refuse to disclose a source.

Senate votes to repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

[JURIST] The US Senate [official website] voted 65-31 [roll call vote] Saturday to repeal the military's controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy (DADT) [10 USC 654; JURIST news archive], which prohibits openly gay men and women from serving in the armed forces. The Don't Ask, Don't Repeal Act of 2010 [HR 2965 materials), a piece of stand-alone legislation, was passed [JURIST report] on Wednesday by the US House of Representatives [official website]. Last week, the Senate fell three votes...

E-Mail 'Oops' Ends With Law Firm Being Yanked Off Case

An e-mail program's auto-complete address feature recently sparked a chain of events that culminated in an eye-popping protective order booting counsel off a case in federal court.

Partner Adds Detail to Feud with Lieff Cabraser

Barry Himmelstein has shed light on his dispute with Lieff Cabraser, saying the firm told him to take a leave five days before a judge ordered Wells Fargo to pay $203 million in a case Himmelstein was trying with a name partner.

Ninth Circuit declines to put 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' appeal on hold

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [official website] on Friday denied [order, PDF] the government's request to put on hold all appeals in Log Cabin Republicans v. USA, a case regarding the constitutionality of the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) policy [10 USC 654 text; JURIST news archive]. The government's motion [text, PDF] requested that the court suspend its own appeal of an injunction [JURIST report] issued by the US District Court of the...

Foley & Lardner Sued for Bias, Breach of Contract by Founding Detroit Partner

A founding partner of Foley & Lardner's Detroit office has sued the firm for discrimination, claiming he would have received higher compensation had he been female, non-Caucasian or younger.

Italy court convicts former Guantanamo detainee

[JURIST] An Italian court on Monday convicted former Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] detainee Mohamed Ben Riadh Nasri [NYT materials] on terror charges and sentenced the Tunisian man to six years in prison. Prosecutors accused Nasri of working for...

Three-judge panel hears disciplinary case against Boston federal prosecutor

A three-judge panel heard arguments about whether Boston federal prosecutor Jeffrey Auerhahn should face sanctions for judicial findings that he withheld exculpatory evidence, which led to a federal judge's ruling to release purported mobsters from pri...

FTC Takes Aim at Patent Trolls

Patent trolls, beware -- the Federal Trade Commission is watching. The agency has released a 300-page report examining the effect that "patent assertion entities" have on competition.

6th Circuit Upholds E-Mail Privacy

In what could be a key ruling involving online privacy, the 6th Circuit has found that a defendant's constitutional rights were violated when his e-mails were seized without warrants.

Record-Setting $7.2 Billion Madoff Settlement Announced

The Madoff trustee and federal prosecutors have reached a $7.2 billion settlement, reportedly the largest civil forfeiture in U.S. history, with philanthropist Jeffry Picower's estate.

Pennsylvania appeals court allows evidence obtained with GPS technology

[JURIST] A Pennsylvania appeals court has overturned a Chester County Court of Common Pleas [official website] decision banning the use of evidence obtained with global positioning systems (GPS) technology. The three judge panel of the appeals court al...

Partners Who Left Law Firm After Bar Fight Form Their Own Practice

Just weeks after their raucous argument and subsequent split from The Beasley Firm, Slade H. McLaughlin and Paul A. Lauricella have resurfaced with their own firm, McLaughlin & Lauricella, which they will run while simultaneously serving as of counsel ...

Jury Sides Against Sonnenschein in Former Partner's Fee Dispute

A jury has found that former Sonnenschein partner Douglas Rosenthal, who alleged the firm underpaid him for representing Pan Am Flight 103 bombing victims, should have received $1.4 million in base pay for 2005 and 2006.

Anti-gay funeral protesters win high court battle over free speech

In a strong reaffirmation of First Amendment principles, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that, no matter how offensive they are, virulent anti-gay protests by the Westboro Baptist Church at military funerals are protected free speech.

D.C. Judge Rejects Dismissal of Wone Wrongful Death Suit

A judge has refused to throw out a $20 million wrongful death suit that alleges three men, including a former Arent Fox partner, conspired to cover up the murder of lawyer Robert Wone.

Judge rejects Toyota's motions to dismiss acceleration claims

A federal judge issued tentative orders Wednesday mainly rejecting Toyota Motor Corp.'s motions to dismiss lawsuits alleging that defects in vehicles caused them to suddenly accelerate, resulting in injuries and death.

Firms Roll Out Perk to Employees in Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships

Some law firms are rolling out new perks aimed at reimbursing gay employees for the tax liability they incur when they elect to add domestic partners to their health benefits plans.

Madoff Work Pays Off for Baker & Hostetler

Baker & Hostetler's work for Irving Picard, the trustee of the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities bankruptcy proceedings, has generated at least $58 million of the firm's 2010 revenue.

Ex-Lieff Partner Says Strategy Feud Is Behind Ouster

After Lieff Cabraser's executive committee voted to oust equity partner Barry Himmelstein, he responded by filing an application to dissolve the firm. Himmelstein claims the controversy stems from a case he and another partner tried last year.

Supreme Court rules against government in Freedom of Information case

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website; JURIST news archive] on Monday ruled [opinion, PDF] 8-1 in Milner v. Department of the Navy [Cornell LII backgrounder; JURIST report] that the government may not withhold certain information under the Fr...

Court Further Slashes Punitives Award In Age Discrimination Suit vs. Avaya

A former Avaya executive who won a $10 million punitive damages award in an age discrimination suit, only to have the trial judge remit it to $3.7 million, has lost another $1.25 million on appeal.

11th Circuit Weighs Limits on Forfeiture

In a case testing the government's ability to take property of businesses convicted of crimes, the 11th Circuit heard an appeal challenging a forfeiture order and penalties of nearly $2 million.

Supreme Court hears arguments in sentence reduction, patent infringement cases

[JURIST] The US Supreme Court [official website] heard oral arguments [day call, PDF; merit briefs] in two cases: one determining whether a court may modify a sentence when the US Sentencing Commission [official website] has subsequently lowered the se...

No Protection Found for Sex Photos Altered to Include Minors

Sexually explicit photos of adults that have been digitally altered to display the faces of children are not protected expressive speech under the First Amendment, the 2nd Circuit has ruled.

Law schools' annual meeting site draws protests — again

The Association of American Law Schools once again is battling opposition to the venue of the organization's annual meeting. The group of 180 professors from dozens of law schools opposes the selection of the Hilton San Francisco Union Square because o...

Barnes & Thornburg attorney disciplined for hiring prostitute

The Indiana Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded a Barnes & Thornburg attorney, Hiroaki Nishikawara, for patronizing a prostitute in February.

Federal Lawyer Lewis Morris Says the Government's Expanding Its Use of Debarment

The government is going to expand its practice of debarring "untrustworthy individuals" as a way of holding health care executives accountable for company fraud, according to a top federal lawyer.

Texas Managing Partners Show Optimism in New Survey

2010 has been a better year than 2009 for many Texas firms, as firm leaders across the state predict year-to-year growth in revenues and profits. Eighty percent of firm leaders expect increased profits for fiscal year 2010, according to 's annual Manag...

Eleventh Circuit revives Colombia wrongful death suit against Alabama company

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit [official website] on Thursday revived [opinion, PDF] a lawsuit against Drummond Company [corporate website] alleging that the company hired Colombian paramilitaries to assassinate plaintiffs' f...

Former Drinker Biddle Partner Opens Flat Fee-Only IP Boutique

While many law firms continue to struggle with integrating alternative fee arrangements into their traditional billable hour structures, one firm has solved the problem by getting rid of the billable hour altogether.

Huge settlement? No thanks.

Plaintiffs lawyers who obtained a record $624 million class action settlement on behalf of Countrywide shareholders are scrambling to remake their deal after more than two dozen major institutional funds opted out.

Cleary Gottlieb Elects Washington Lawyer as New Managing Partner

Washington, D.C.-based Mark Leddy next month will succeed Mark Walker, 69, who has been managing partner since 2005.

Legal Sector Lost 2,900 Jobs in February

The U.S. economy may be showing signs of improvement overall, but the legal industry shed 2,900 jobs in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Airing Lawyer-Client Talks Is Part of Defense Strategy in Terror Case

In an unusual move, a lawyer for a defendant accused of plotting to bomb New York's subway system is trying to suppress his client's post-arrest statements to investigators by playing 26 privileged conversations intercepted under the government's anti-...

Pfizer Settles Lawsuits Over Drug Trials on Children in Nigeria

Nearly 15 years after its controversial drug trial on 200 children with meningitis in Nigeria, Pfizer and all plaintiffs in the cases related to the trial say they have reached a global settlement.

Foreign Vivendi Shareholders' Claims Bounced; $9.3 Billion Jury Verdict Could Be Slashed

The only F-cubed securities class action to result in a jury verdict has been dismissed, a full eight months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled F-cubed cases don't belong in U.S. courts.

Federal Circuit upholds design patent differing only slightly from others

Legal observers say a judgment by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upholding a patent appeals board ruling is a signal that a very minor alteration to an existing design patent is enough to uphold another design patent.

Jackpot! During Associate Bonus Season, Andrews Kurth Takes Out Its Wallet Twice

In addition to paying year-end bonuses of up to $100,000 to some associates in December, Andrews Kurth awarded associates for their productivity, paying them an extra $1,000 to $20,000 at the end of the year.